Thursday, March 11, 2010


Science Fair 2010

I was up early this morning; alarm went off at 5:30. I didn't realize the alarm on my cellphone had a setting that early. We had to be at the Charter School at 7 to caravan with all the other participates to the Science Fair at ULM. Micah's project is How to Control the Speed of a Computer with hardware changes. He was the second one judged but we don't know how he did yet. The judge stayed with him a long time and asked a lot of questions; they say that is a good indicator. Sure hope he did well. If he did, it means a trip to Baton Rouge for the state contest. That will be a trip. Anything for the kid though; know what I mean. Besides, he made a 95 on his last Spanish test and he hates Spanish, but is doing much better. So, we're going to treat him today. Probably take him to his favorite place to eat; Eastern Empire.

Other than that, must finish making preparations for the weekend. I am preaching a short series on Jesus' last words of instructions to His disciples from John chps 14-17. That is a well of instruction and inspiration. Hope I can do it justice. I just ask the Lord to use me for His glory in all that I do.

Everyone have a blessed day. I'll let you know how Micah did.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Jessie made me do it!

Okay, so I haven't been here in a while. It's hard for me to get motivated to blog. Many times I have some thoughts (yes, I actually do, sometimes). But I just can't seem to get them to my fingertips. Maybe I'm just lazy. My dad and I were talking about that yesterday. We get comfortable just sitting and watching the world go by and don't want to move. The older I get the more that seems to be true. But I still have so much to do, I can't let that happen. If you've been reading Jessie blog ( then you'll see real motivation in action. I don't plan on running any marathons, although that would be a lofty goal. I still have the unction to finish our house. Oh, there is still very much to be done there. But above all to see God glorified in my life in whatever I'm doing.

Wonderful things are happening at Dunn Baptist Church these days. God is continually blessing there. I know He isn't through with me there, nor is He finished with the wonderful Body of Christ.

Thank you Jessie for the encouragement! I appreciate you young man and thank God for you! Push on, you'll make it. And thank you Brooke for the encouragement to me yesterday.

Everyone have a blessed day in the Lord.

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