Thursday, March 11, 2010


Science Fair 2010

I was up early this morning; alarm went off at 5:30. I didn't realize the alarm on my cellphone had a setting that early. We had to be at the Charter School at 7 to caravan with all the other participates to the Science Fair at ULM. Micah's project is How to Control the Speed of a Computer with hardware changes. He was the second one judged but we don't know how he did yet. The judge stayed with him a long time and asked a lot of questions; they say that is a good indicator. Sure hope he did well. If he did, it means a trip to Baton Rouge for the state contest. That will be a trip. Anything for the kid though; know what I mean. Besides, he made a 95 on his last Spanish test and he hates Spanish, but is doing much better. So, we're going to treat him today. Probably take him to his favorite place to eat; Eastern Empire.

Other than that, must finish making preparations for the weekend. I am preaching a short series on Jesus' last words of instructions to His disciples from John chps 14-17. That is a well of instruction and inspiration. Hope I can do it justice. I just ask the Lord to use me for His glory in all that I do.

Everyone have a blessed day. I'll let you know how Micah did.

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