Tuesday, July 21, 2009


News from Youth Camp

We arrived yesterday at Youth Camp. We are at Tall Timbers Baptist Camp just south of Alexandria. Except for a shredded tire on the trailor the trip was uneventful, which is a good thing. We did get some rain when we got to Alexandria and it rained on and off all afternoon. But, the rain was a blessing for I know that many people here in Louisiana needed it. Of course it cooled things off too, and we all enjoyed that as we began our week at camp.

We've had breakfast this morning and are getting ready for Morning Celebration. The kids enjoy that, but I'm getting just a bit old......the LOUD music is almost more than I can stand now adays, but I will endure. Then we have Bible study. I'm really looking forward to our adult bible study times. It is always interesting to see how our teacher presents the Word of God to us at Youth Camp. I know that we will all be blessed and learn something. Pray for us to that extent.

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