Wednesday, July 15, 2009


How the Summer Is Going

Family News
Well, here is a little catching up in my family. Our son Micah will be in the 10th grade at the Delhi Charter School this year. That is really incredible to me. He is such a young man now; Anita and I were discussing the fact that he will only be at home with us three or four more years before he goes out on his own. May the Lord guide him in his decisions for the future. Of course, he spends about as much time at the Nielsen's as he does at our house.

The other two sons and their families are doing fine. Matthew and family are still in Kingsville, TX. Matt has about 3 years left in the Navy. Future still yet to be determined for them. The grands have been to camp already this summer and Abby (the youngest) is just a growing up. We sure hope we can see them before school starts again. Marc and Dixie are still in Lafayette. They are going to Florida in a few days with friends to celebrated their anniversary. Happy Anniversary to Marc and Dixie and Matthew and Monica whose anniversary is also this month.

Anita and I are doing real well. In our 37 year of marriage and growing closer each and every day. We were talking about some things we would like to do in the near future and we haven't been able to do up to this point. We are going to reach a financial goal next month!!! Hooray!!! It's been a long time coming! Here's a piece of advise - STAY AWAY FROM CREDIT CARDS!! End of lecture there, except to myself.

House Renovations
Things are coming along slowly but surely with the house. We now live in the house as of January of this year. Our most recent renovation is new floor to almost ceiling windows in our bedroom. They look really nice. We still have to do the crown molding and later this year or early next year new floors. Also, a new air conditioner was installed in the wall (I framed it in there instead of a window since it couldn't go in a window). Yard mowing continues.

Vacation Bible School
We had a great time at VBS this year. Dunn Baptist church averaged 140 this year. The boys, girls and leaders had a great time. We had two professions of faith and one young lady wanting to join our church by letter. Looking forward to next year alreay. The theme will be "Saddle Ridge Ranch."

Logos Software Bible Camp
I attend this last week in Shreveport. I use two bible software programs for my study: Logos and Wordsearch. Logos/Libronix is my primary software. I really enjoyed the two days and learned how to more effectively use my bible software for study and sermon preparation. The results are already being enjoyed.

Enjoy the Day
Looking forward to a time of study here in my study at church. Later we'll join with our family of faith for Prayer and Business meeting. May the Lord bless each of you with a wonderful day!

Wow, it was great to hear about everyone. However it made me church homesick...I miss ya'll! I miss having a church home that is seeking the LORD in honesty, obedience and growth. I have not been to the Founders site in a long time, guess the LORD is reminding me. I didn't know that Marc and Dixie were back together...that is awesome, and is probably old news LOL. So glad to re-connect with you and your family!
Love and Prayers
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