Tuesday, July 22, 2008


A Week At Centrifuge

What a fantastic week I enjoyed at Centrifuge last week. Anita and I went with our youth to Ridgecrest, NC for an eventful week. The Lord really blessed us all. Jessie asked each of us at the beginning of the week what we hoped to get out of our week there. As for myself, I wanted to hear from the Lord! Life here at home is usually so full that, believe or not, even as a minister I don't talk time to hear from the Lord as I should. I had (took?) more time at the camp. I didn't go to recreation a single time during the week. I didn't climb that hill with our youth and the adults not once. I don't feel bad about that at all. Not that I didn't desire to be with our youth and watch them participate in all the events that youth do at youth camp (I HAVE done them all before, several times). I spent the time with the Lord and my study books. And I did hear from the Lord. It isn't just youth which are re-vived at camp. It was great! I needed that time, not only with our youth and leaders, but more importantly with the Lord.

It was exciting watching them. And the Lord moved among them in several ways. We had three, that I know of, who made professions of faith and several recommmittments to the Lord. We have some good leadership potential in our group also. I look forward to watching this group of youth mature.

I also want to thank the Lord for our youth leaders. Jessie, you are doing a great job for the Lord! Of course, I know you couldn't do it without your wonderful wife Gina. David and Annette, you are just awesome! How thankful we are for the ministry the Lord has given you. Also thanks to the other adults who went with us and through whom the Lord moved; Scott and Brooke, it was a joy getting to know you better and spending some quality time with you. And the two big guys, Eric and Cody, man am I glad that you were there. I praise the Lord for you two guys. Finally we had a young and upcoming leader in Brittany. It's always good to see our future leaders emerging. Glad that you were able to be with us Brittany.

One thing that I guess is showing my age, I guess that is what it is......I didn't quite enjoy the music as I have in the past. Maybe it was just the band, I don't know. I'm not saying that they were bad, I guess I like my music a little more mellow now. But, the kids enjoyed them and if they were led into real worship, that is all that matters.

Well, that will do for now. Maybe more about the week later. We certainly look for results to come from the week. We'll wait patiently to see what the Lord will do with our youth and leadership. BTW, our youth will present a program about the week this coming Sunday evening. Hope all can be there.

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