Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Taking God Seriously

I was reading the scripture this morning, keeping my commitment to read the bible through again this year. The portion of scripture I was reading is from Matthew 17. It told of how Jesus had taken Peter, James and John up on a mountain where His glory was revealed before them. Also present were Moses and Elijah. That must have been an incredible sight! Peter certainly thought so. "Let us build monuments to this moment!" He missed the whole point of the moment, just like many of do most of the time. But, it didn't stop there. They had the privilege of experiencing the "Shekinah" glory of God, of being not only with Moses and Elijah but with Jesus in all of His glory unveiled. Talk about a "mountain top experience!

Then the moment was over. They returned to reality, as we all must do. Immediately there was a ministry opportunity. Having come from such an experience they should have been ready for anything; but they were not.

They met a man who had a demon possessed son. Apparently Jesus' disciples had tried to help, but could do nothing for the young man. Jesus delivered the young man from the demons and immediately he was well.

When the disciples were along with Jesus they asked Him why they could do nothing for the young man. I'm sure they tried earnestly tried, but had also earnestly failed. Jesus told them that they reason they could not help the young man was that, and I quote from "The Message" translation as I have been reading the bible through this time, "Because you're not yet taking God seriously." They could not help the young man because they weren't taken God seriously. Now, I'm sure they thought they were taking Him seriously, but Jesus said they were not. Jesus went on to them them about faith the size of a mustard seed being enough to move mountains. I'm sure they were shocked to here they didn't even exercise the smallest amount of faith they thought they had.

I really think that a lot of Christians don't really take God seriously. They think they do, but they do not. Therefore they can't even exercise they smallest amount of faith. I know that I have fallen into the category so many times. God help my unbelief!

Let's begin to take God more seriously. If we see our lives, our ministries as failures, maybe, just maybe it's because we don't really take God seriously. Repent and believe today.....along with me.

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