Thursday, January 03, 2008


New Year Commitments

Last night at our Wednesday evening Praying I presented God's Guidelines for making a plan, taken from this months "In Touch" devotional by Charles Stanley. My point was this: we need to make some concrete commitments for this year of our Lord 2008. I don't call them Resolutions because, in my estimation, resolutions revolve around what I can do of and by myself. Commitments are really about what I want God to do through me. For instance, many will resolve to become better off financially by getting out of debt. That indeed is a worthy resolution. That is one that my wife and I made about 5 years ago. We are not quite there yet, but we're getting there. Did that happen because we just decided to do it? Only partially. We did it primarily because we wanted God to be glorified in our lives and that we can participate in ministry financially. We have not been able to do this just because we decided to do it. I know myself well enough to know that would not work; history shows that. We did not resolve to get out of debt, we made a commitment to God to get out of debt. Having done that, He empowered us to do so; He provided the resources to do so. As we continue in our commitment, God is being glorified in that commitment.

The same goes for any commitment you want to make. Make that commitment to the glory of God, not just for your good. The wonderful outworking of that commitment is that it will result in your good.

I've already read a couple of other blogs that speaks of commitments that many make during this time of year. One blog said that we should commit ourselves to be in God's Word this year. That is a resolution that many make, but being only a resolution, most fail. Commit yourself to bringing glory to God this year by reading His Word through. There are lots of resources to help you do so.

I've started once again to read the bible through this year. I'm going to do it on my computer this year. I use a couple of Bible software programs in my studies, one of which is Wordsearch 8. Their website is It is an excellent program. Anyway, that's the way I'm going to read through this year. I'm reading 3 chapters of the Old Testament, 1 Psalm and 2 chapters of the New Testament each day. Also, as you read, don't forget to make notes (get you a bible you can write in if you don't already do so) as you read.

Eveyrone have a great day in the Lord. I'll write more next time on commitments for this year.

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