Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Training For The Heart

Life In The Spirit
We've been having a great time in our Discipleship Training Class on Sunday Evenings. About three weeks ago we started studying the LIFE course called "Life In The Spirit." What a grand study! The study in broken down into weeks and days, requiring about 30 minutes a day for the student of God's Word. Although I taught this course once before about 8 years ago, it is refreshing to go through it again. From time to time I hope to include in my blog my thoughts on this subject. After all, this is an online journal and our course suggests that each of us "journal" our thoughts, prayers and questions as we go through the course. So, it's very appropriate for me to do so. I am already looking forward to next Sunday evening as we continue our study of Life in the Spirit. My theme verse for this study is Galatians 5:25, "If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit." That is exactly what we are learning to do.

Spring is one its way
As I was coming back into my office, I was noticing how beautiful it is outside. This is a wonderful time of year. The temperatures are beginning to warm up, at least here in the south. I know there is still more winter to come, but not as much as there was. Indeed, what a wonderful time of year that it is.

Baseball is also on its way
Since it is almost spring, that means baseball is coming also. As a matter of fact I remember an old movie entitled, "It Happens Every Sprinp" and of course, it was about baseball. I like football and basketball to some extent, but it is baseball that I really like. I wouldn't say I love it, as a real baseball fan would, but I do really like to watch a good baseball game. I like it even better when I can attend a game at the stadium. I plan on attending a couple of major league games this year with my friend and brother in Christ Jessie and his family. We are going to see the Texas Rangers and the Houston Astros and probably some college ball as well. Then when we can't be at the game, there is always the television. I can't wait to hear, "Play Ball!" See you there!

Back to the study
Well, I'd better get back to studying. I pray that everyone has a blessed day in the Lord. Remember to tell someone about Jesus! God bless you all with a good day!

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