Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Live From Texas

We're On Vacation!
We are having a wonderful time in Kingsville, Texas with the family of our oldest son, Matt, and his family: wife Monica, children Morissa, Cody and Abigal. We just got our of the swimming pool. Nothing like a refreshing morning swim. Ahhhhhhhhhhh! It is pretty warm here, but I don't think it is any hotter than it is at home.

Matt and I worked in his yard yesterday morning. He had pruned the limbs of his mesquite trees, then it started raining. He didn't get to mow his yard for a couple of weeks. Soon he had high grass with piles of limbs mixed with them... It was a mess! But, we got it cleaned up. There is still lots to be done, but we got him over the hump.

Yeah, I know....It's Been a While
You may be saying....."Why don't he write?" I guess I got really really lazy... I lost my motivation. Nothing like a little time away to get your mind back in gear. Sure, I miss everyone back home. But is sure is good to get away for some R&R. So, while I'm writing this morning....

Fantastic VBS!!!
We had a great Vacation Bible School a couple of weeks ago. One of the best every I think. We had good average attendance, about 125 or so. And our kids and adults gave a love offering of over $700 for our Louisiana Baptist Children's home and our missionaries to Israel, Timer and Mary Ann Hartley. Great going everyone!! I want to personally thank everyone who lead or helped us in our VBS this year. You all did a awesome job! We're already getting pumped for next year's VBS. We're going to play baseball!!

New Discipleship Training Series
We will begin a new series this coming Lord's Day evening. IT is a study concerning the Kingdom Authority which we have through our Lord Jesus Christ. This is a video series authored by and with Dr. Adrian Rogers. Dr. Rogers has had a tremedous affect upon not only my ministry, but also with my personal walk with the Lord Jesus. I'm really looking forward to this, and I pray many of you will be also.

God bless you all with a great day!

I'll try to write again tomorrow... right after our morning swim. Keep cool everyone. My family and I love you all!

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