Monday, July 24, 2006


Live from Cross Camp

We Arrived Safely
I'm writing from the men and boy's dorm at the University of Central Arkansas, where CrossCamp 2006 is being held. We are in Conway, Arkansas. The weather is fair and not too hot. We arrived on time and are all checked in and we are well fed, having just finished a fine supper. We had orientation this afternoon and everyone seems to be ready for an exciting week.

We have 27 of us here, including 18 youth and 9 adults. Some of the younger and first time youth campers are still a little unsure of themselves, but the will adapt. I and the rest of the adults are ready to see what God is going to do this week with our kids. Please be in prayer for us.

Evening Worship
Our next event is in about27 minutes. We have evening worship. If you have never been to a youth camp worship service, you have really missed something. It is exciting! Many of us aren't really used to the music, but make no mistake, it is about Jesus and is intended to lift our youth to the Lord. It is generally loud and fast. But, it also brings us to worship. Pray that our youth will experience true worship of the Lord this evening.

Day Starts Early
The schedule is full all day long. They really keep you hopping here. We will start our early, well some of us will, with an early morning devotion. Most of our youth will still be asleep when that occurs, but I know that I enjoyed it last year. Pray that all of our youth or most of them anyway will want to join us in this early morning time with the Lord. I'll tell you more about that tomorrow.

Everyone have a great evening and keep coming back to this page to see what is happening here at youth camp. God bless and you each one.

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