Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Live From Cross Camp Day 2

Everyone is Doing Well
For moms and dads out there, just to let you know your kids are doing well. We're having a great time. Our youth are making new friends and getting to know one another better also. There have been no problems as of yet, which is quite an accomplishment in and of itself with a group like this. Each youth was assigned a "Family Group" by the camp staff. It consists of youth from all churches so that the youth don't stay together all the time. They have bible study together and activities that usually coincide with the bible study of the day. Evening worship, which starts in about an hour, is exciting. Our kids seem to be enjoying that just fine. We also have church group devotion following evening worship.

Devotion Time
The theme for the week is choices. Last night Mrs. Anita (church momma) shared with the kids. One day maybe she'll share with everyone a bad choice that she made as a senior in highschool that lead to her being in a car accident. Tonight is my night to share. Please be in prayer for our kids as they react to one another and to God as He prompts them.

Praying for You All Back Home
We'll be praying for everyone tonight as you meet for praying meeting and our children's mission activites. You pray for us. We miss all of you and will see you on Saturday. I'll try to write more tomorrow. God bless you and keep you.

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