Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Strenghten that which you have

I'm back again
Yeap, I've been gone a while again. There is no particular reason, other than.....dare I say it....laziness. After all, it doesn't take THAT much time to write this little journal does it? It doesn't take THAT much effort, does it? And, it isn't THAT important, is it? No....No....YES! Every day, since my last post, I have said to myself, "Self, you need to go write in your blog." Then I answered myself...."I'll do it in a moment." And the moment never came. There was always something else that "came up." And it got put off and put off and put off and....well, you get the picture.

My brother in Christ, Jessie Nielsen, will prod me every once in a while to get back to it. So, brother, here it is..... keep prodding. We all need a "prodder," don't we. We may not actually appreciate the concern at that very moment. But, we do need someone to encourage us in the faith, not to grow weary in well doing..... not to be.... lazy. Thanks brother I appreciate your faithfulness.

Reflections on Sunday's Sermon
I was also thinking about part of my sermon Sunday morning. Remember, Jesus told the church at Sardis, that dead church, to strenghten that which remained, but was about to die. That's what I'm doing this morning, strenghtening something which remains to be done, but could possibly die....from neglect on my part. Like that church at Sardis, God had started something days earlier which that church had started to neglect and they were going to let it die. Someone had to encourage them. That is what Jesus was doing through his preacher, John.

What Remains to be done at DBC
Okay, so here I am back at it again, with the resolve to not grow wreary in well doing and do as I had committed to myself, to God and to my flock and write in my blog....everyday. What about you? What "thing" at some point in the past had you started, or rather God started withing you, that you have for whatever reason neglected to finish or continue? I don't know what that is, but you do....and God does. Let's all get back to it. There is a job to be done. There are promises to keep and there is our God to honor and glorify.

Opeing Week of Baseball
It's here! Opening week. So far, the Rangers lost and the Yankees won. I know those two for sure. And one more thing I know for sure, well, pretty sure, we have the tickets in hand. We're going to see the Texas Rangers play the Detroit Tigers at Ranger Stadium this Friday. Alright!

Everyone have a blessed day! God is so good.

Hey Bro.

I just wanted to encourage you to keep it up and keep writing. Astros are 2 and 1 by the way. Milwaukee is in 1st place in the NL Central. Keep the momentum going and get ready to watch some baseball!

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