Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Serving the Lord Daily

My Day Ahead
Yesterday, I was telling Micah about a couple of meetings that I had to attend. One was an Associational Nominating Committee meeting at FBC Rayville, which was yesterday afternoon and the other is this morning at the Missions Office in West Monroe for a FOCUS meeting, formerly known as "Ridgecrest on the Ouachita." Micah's reply was, "All you do is go to meetings." It sure seems that way sometimes. But, that is life. There IS always some kind of meeting to attend. It is the nature of the beast, the beast being life, or work or any combination thereof. Some meetings I actually enjoy, some are just to be endured. But, it is part of my work, my ministry. Meetings allow me to use the gifts that God has placed within me to carry out HIS ministry that HE started within me. And I'm glad to be able to do that. What a blessing it is to be a child of God (AMEN?), what a blessing is it to have the gifts of God actually dwell within us, what a blessing it is to be able to us them.

Your Ministry
What gift(s) has God given you? Are you using them effectively, for HIS glory? Take an inventory today of those gifts. If you don't know what they are, find out. How, you say. Ask. The giver of the gifts will be glad to inform you of the gift(s) that He would have you to use, not only for His glory, but for the good of the Body of Christ. The gifts that He has given you ARE your ministry. We don't create a ministry for God, He has a ministry (aka. service) for each of us already designed. We need to find out what that is and get in on it. Are you accomplishing the ministry that He has already designed for you? The other side of that is, are you attempting to carry out a ministry (service) that He did not design for you? There is something for us all to think about.

Word of the Day
Every day, on my computer, I have a "word of the day." Yesterday the word was "rusticate." That is an interesting sounding word. It came for a word that originally meant "country," as to be in the country. I like that. To rusticate means to be banished to or place yourself in a country setting. I'm for it. I think later on today Anita and I will rusticate for a while out at her dad and mom's old place. Smell the fresh air, listen to the cows and birds and bees. Yes, we have a couple of hives of bees out there. And, to admire the work that we have been able to do out there in the past few months. One day, we'd like to have everyone over for a little get together. But, first there still remains a lot of work to be done. (We'll gladly accept some help there, hint....hint...)

Everyone have a great day. Let's continue the work, the service, the ministry that our Lord has for us. Love you all.... God bless you.

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