Friday, April 21, 2006


Angola Prison Rodeo

Senior Adult Road Trip
Tomorrow Anita, Micah and I will be going to the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola to attend the yearly rodeo which they hold. I can't remember ever going, although my wife and my dad tell me that I have been there. Ususally I remember things that I have done long ago better than I remember what I did today, but such is not the case this time. Anyway, we are going with our Young at Heart group. This is going to be a great time, although a long day. We leave early in the morning and will not be home until late I don't think. Please be in prayer for us as we travel.

Thank the Lord for the Good Rain
We got a good rain today and Oh how we needed it. But our gracious Lord knew that and gave us just what we need when we needed it and when He wanted us to have it. Aren't we so very grateful for this wonderful rain.

I was out at Anita's family place. I had to do a little pump repair and did a little more cleaning up around the yard. I got the old tiller out and got to till up a small vegetable garden place, before the belt broke on the tiller. But at least I got it done. Now, I'm almost ready to plant some tomatoes and maybe a few other things. We'll see. John and Margie Thomas planted about 60 tomato plants I think, and would have plenty for us. But, isn't it great just to watch those little plants "shoesting" up (remember Green Acres... Mrs. Douglas' cute little foreign accented remarks...sorry, I digress).... and then enjoying those fresh off the vine tomatoes for lunch or supper or whenever. Ummmmmmmm.. I can't wait... but, first I must get them planted.

Yankees 5 - Red Soxs 3
No, I'm not talking about the major league baseball teams in the Northeast, I'm talking about our own little leagues teams. It was a close game and a good game. But, we knew it was going to be. Both teams were undefeated, now only one is, the Yankees, which is Jason Nielsen's team. Micah is on the Red Soxs. All the boys did a great job! Good going guys. Keep playing hard and doing your best, for the Lord!

Looking forward to the Weekend
I hope to see everyone this coming Lord's Day! Please be in prayer about our services. I will be continuing my series in Revelation on Sunday morning with the letter to the sixth church, the Church at Philadelphia. Sunday evening we will be beginning new study in our Discipleship Training class called "The Acts 1:8 Challenge: Empowering the CHURCH to Be on MISSION." I hope that you will consider being a part of that study. In the evening service I will be preaching on the post-resurrection appearances of the Lord Jesus to His disciples.

I hope to see you all there. Prayer for our services. We wouldn't want to miss out on anything that God is going to do in our fellowship.

Just want to encourage and thank you for the effort you give. This site has given me so much pleasure. I could even keep up with things while on vacation!! Keep up the good work!
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