Monday, March 13, 2006


I'm Back

A Wonderful Lord's Day
We had a wonderful Lord's Day yesterday. Preachers usually judge how "good" a day was by how many were present for Sunday School and the worship service. I ceased to do that long ago and continue to try not to do it. Numbers do not indicate that the day was good. I have seen days were the numbers were "good," that is there was a large crowd there, and yet the Spirit was not seem to be presnet. It was just sort of a ritual thing for which a lot of people happend to show up. On the other hand, there have been days where the crowd was small, and yet the hand of God was evident in the congregation. I'm not saying that smaller numbers are better. I love to see lots of folks come to church. But yesterday was both I think. The numbers were good, not great but good. But there was also a good spirit in our fellowship. We had a number of guests with us (some people call them visitors, but I prefer to call them guests). We are always glad to see guests join us and we welcome them back any time. May the Lord lead them to join us as we grow together in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The singing was wonderful, the spirit of the congregation was wonderful as well. Even the preaching was good, if I do say so myself. The reason I believe it was good, was not in the way in which it was delivered, even though I do hope it was enjoyable to those who heard it. But because it was a good word, because it was the Word of God. We have been preaching through the Revelation of Jesus Christ. What a wonderful study it is. I am enjoying it altogether. I hope our folks are also.

Hospital Report
I understand that Mika Monroe was able to come home today. She has been in LSU Monroe for a number of days, but we are glad to know that she was able to return to her home. We'll continue to pray for her.

Mrs. Geraldine Tatum was in the hospital for one night a week or so ago. She continues to feel weak, but was with us yesterday. We love you Mrs. Geraldine and are praying for you.

Hoot Green was in Delhi for a couple of days, but is home now also.

Angie Tatum is in Houston once again for some tests. We want to remember her.

Tracey Huffman is continuing to recover at home and gaining strenght. We're continuing to pray for you Tracey. Hang in there.

More later. Pray for all our folks and those unspoken requests also.

New Book I'm reading
I started a new book the other day and I'm really enjoying. It's a book on preaching, but good none the less. Some of you would enjoy also, even though you aren't a preacher. It's called The Supremacy of God in Preaching by John Piper. It isn't a very big book, as far as size goes, but it packs a punch. Piper gets right to the point about what preaching should really be about... all about God, for that IS the message of the gospel. It isn't for our good, it is for HIS glory.. all of it. Anyway, that you might want to know that.. it's a good book.

Visitation Time
Well, got to go for now. It's time to visit. Incidentally, we have church visitation every Monday evening at 7 PM. Come and join us. We could use the help and many of our church members could use the experience. I don't say that in a condesending or judgmental way. You can't learn to witness or visit if you don't do it. So, come on and join us. You'll be blessed.

Have a great evening and God bless each and every one of you!

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