Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Is It Spring Already?

It's Been a Beautiful Day!
I pray that you have had a great day. It has been a beautiful day indeed. I started my day very early today. Mrs. Cecilia Hartley had shoulder surgery at Ouachita Surgical Center in West Monroe at about 7:30 AM. She did really well the Dr. said. She will be in there tonight and should be home tomorrow. Continue to pray for her.

While we were there Carol Till came in for a little surgery on her index finger that she hurt last Friday, I believe it was. Chuck said that it went well. Carol, we'll be praying for you too!

While we're talking about the sick, Mr. George Patrick is in Delhi as of today with congestive heartfailure. He'll be there a couple of days he said. Please pray for George and Mrs. Lillian.

Also found Albert Green, Mr. Melvin's brother was in there also with a sinus infection. We'll pray for Albert also.

On my way to teach JBS at Epps tonight
We've been enjoying our time together at Epps Baptist Church this week studying the book of Nehemiah together. What a wonderful study it has been at each of the churches at which I have had the pleasure and opportunity to teach God's Word. I look forward to preaching through the book soon at Dunn.

My Back is still doing well.
Thank the Lord for that! I've even had the opportunity to work in the yard some. Looking forward to more of that. Spring is indeed on the way! I just can't wait, can you?

Speaking of Spring
Baseball season is almost here. I read this morning about Roger Clemens throwing 66 pitches to the Houston minor league team, of which his son is a member. I can't remember his name right now, but his son hit a homer off of one of his dad's best fast balls. How about that dad! Roger got him back on the next pitch though. The 43 years old "Rocket' isn't all washed up yet. I hope he plays this season and does well.

Got to go. Have a great evening everyone! God bless you abundantly!

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