Friday, February 24, 2006


Doc Gives Clean Bill of Health

Doc Says I can resume life as usual
Yesterday I went for a checkup for my back. It's been six weeks since my back surgery. God has really blessed me during this time of recovery! I haven't had a pain pill for about three weeks. I'm getting around real well. The doctor told me yesterday that I could do whatever I wanted to, using common sense of course. One thing he told me that kind of bothered me. He told me I was getting older and couldn't do things the way I used to do them. I had to be careful the way I lifted and so forth. He didn't have to tell me THAT. I know I'm getting older. He is this guy, who looks like a kid, tells me that I'm getting older. Can you imagine that?

Back to the Farm
So, what did Anita and I do yesterday afternoon? We went back out to the farm and worked in the yard! Man, was it good to be able to do some yardwork again. I've missed it this winter. My waistline tells me, and everyone else, that. There is still so much to do. One thing that I wanted to get accomplished this winter was to clear off a couple of fence rows. Guess what. They are still there and still need clearing off. No one came it did it for me, so I still have the opportunity to do it. And I will get it done, sooner or later. By the way, I'm a little stiff this morning. Anita told me that I tried to do it all at once. I tried to behave, and I will. I don't need another surgery.

Hospital and other news
I visited with Mr. Clayton Cooped Sr. yesterday. He is in St. Francis with heart irregularities. He was doing pretty well, other than that. Mrs. Ceclia Hartley had a heart test yesterday also, in preparations for a shoulder surgery that she is having next Tuesday. She said that test came out okay and she is good to go for the surgery. Also talked with Tracey Huffman. She is scheduled for neck surgery next Friday. Please be in prayer for these. There are still lots of folks out there with the flu and related illnesses. Pray for them also.

I understand the Thomas twins are doing good. Margie and John are proud grands again and are doing their part to help. Hang in there Thomas family; God is blessing!

Looking forward to the Lord's Day
This Sunday morning I will be preaching "A Vision of Christ." What a glorious sight the Apostle John had while "in the Spirit" one Lord's Day. It is my prayer that we will experience that same wonderful vision of Christ as we gather to worship on this Lord's Day. I pray also that whoever comes will be "in the Spirit."

Sunday evening I will be at Epps Baptist Church teaching our January Bible Study, The Book of Nehemiah: Serving God with Determined Faith. I am thrilled that Dr. John Traylor would ask me to come and do this for them. Pray for me as I teach and ask our brothers and sisters there at Epps not only hear the Word of God, but maybe even experience revival as we study the Word together.

A Couple of Books That I Am Reading
Thought you might like to know what I am reading lately. Apart from all the books that I read associated with my sermon preparations, I am also reading "Fools Gold" by John MacArthur. The subtitle for this book gives the theme: Discerning Truth in an Age of Error. Dr. MacArthur quotes a woman he once talked with who said, "God doesn't care what you believe, as long as you are sincere." I've heard that statement many times, in one form or another, haven't you. Or something like this, "All religions are the same and lead to the same place." In the introduction of this book Dr. MacArthur says, "To those who accept the Bible as God's Word, the folly of that thinking should be immediately evident." Unfortunately, it is not evident to many who call themselves Christians. There must be a basis for truth. For the Christian that truth is the Word of God. We must be discerning in what we read, hear, see or preceive in any way in our daily lives.

Another book that I've begun reading is called "Renovation of The Heart," by Dallas Willard. The subject of his book is what he calls "Spiritual Formation." I haven't gotten very far into this book yet. I must admit that even before I began reading the book, I read a negative review of another one of Mr. Willard's books that, apparently was about the same subject. So, as I read this book, I'll read with caution what he has to say. But, shouldn't we do that with everybook we read, save the Word of God itself? I'll let you know how it comes out.

May God bless each of us with a great day! Until we come together, maranatha! Even so, come Lord Jesus.

Bro. Bernard,
It is good to see read about good ol' Dunn Baptist. I miss you guys a lot, and think of everyone often. I will def. be visiting this page often to see what is happening. I love you guys,
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